Small Business Leaders

"Engage. Grow. Support."

What Will It Take?

Everything that you want is within reach. 

High-performing, small business leaders trust in us:

Uncommon Results

Accelerating Growth

Wherever you are on your journey, having the ability to expand is core. Our membership program has been purpose-built for business leaders who have a thirst for growth on all levels. Progressive leaders are able to benefit from our demonstrated, consistent results over time of 2.2 - 3.4x revenue growth.

Making Better Critical Decisions

Thriving businesses are dynamic businesses. The decisions that you make as the leader of your organization set the course that changes lives. As a member, you will regularly have the opportunity to have your ideas vetted. A diverse group of peers will deliver insights that you never would have otherwise realized. 

Dealing with Leadership Isolation

Leaders of organizations have people all around them, yet having a safe place to go where there is no judgment, but just a listening, caring, and insightful group of peers is uncommon. As a member, providing you and your peers that confidential environment, where vulnerability is the norm, is key.

Member Perspectives

When Joe called me up to see if I had interest in joining his TEC group, I was skeptical. Experiences with coaches have never left me any further ahead of where I started. I can't believe the immense impact Joe's group (and he) have made in my life.

Jenn Hudder - CEO, Kitestring

I have been a member of Joe’s TEC group and I am beyond grateful for everything he and the group have done for me.  Joe and the group have been an amazing resource to have at my disposal for their insight, experience and support!  

Matt Williamson - CEO, Northsail

Is This A Mutual Fit?

We challenge each other with unique perspectives and insights that are thought provoking and that cause us to grow professionally and personally. We care for, and hold each other accountable. We have courage to be uncomfortable and vulnerable. We provide a safe place for sharing without judgment or risk. We make a difference. We have fun!

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