The Middle

The Middle By: Tanya Hewittt THE MIDDLE We often are not so attentive of middles – silver medals, middles of processes, middles of journeys, etc.  We like to focus mostly on the extremes.  However, there are times where the middle can be

Surprise! Employers are looking for soft skills in their new hires.

Surprise! Employers are looking for soft skills in their new hires. By: Bruce Arai There is a great deal of commotion about the importance of so-called soft skills, and how valuable they are to employers. Survey research companies, universities, and chambers of commerce across

Tradeshows In 2021

Tradeshows in 2021: Seven Steps to Success By: Karen Hayward Face to face, at long last, no longer just means cameras and pixels. As the COVID-19 vaccine injects new optimism into people and the economy, the world is beginning to open


Compassion By: Michelle McVittie THE FIRST STEP TOWARDS FULFILLMENT IN LIFE Nothing changes without change. Life is full of possibilities. We are born dreamers. When we were young there was nothing that we could not do. How often did you fall off

A Culture of Accountability

Creating A Culture of Accountability Through Employee Engagement By: Neville Joffe Are you frustrated when: Your employees don’t always do what they say they will do? When your employees make decisions that have a negative impact to your financial results and probably


Gratitude By: Joe Fera The picture on this blog post brings out gratitude in me, that I feel to my core and in abundance. In 2017 when I plunged into this leg of my journey I was filled with self doubt, a sense

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