By: Michelle McVittie


Nothing changes without change. Life is full of possibilities. We are born dreamers. When we were young there was nothing that we could not do. How often did you fall off the monkey bars to get back up? Did you dream of being a famous movie star or athlete? It all seemed possible, we saw the good in the world and ourselves.

Close your eyes and imagine your perfect day, where money is no object, and anything is possible.

I imagine a beach house overlooking crystal blue waters and white sand for miles and miles. I feel calm, confident, happy, and proud. Capturing these emotions can seem impossible. If only I had more money, the promotion, a nicer home, or better luck. Those messages hold us back. Remember the days when we weren’t scared, when life was carefree and full of hope? Maybe you don’t, but it is possible to go there again. The opportunities are endless. For happiness, for success and true fulfillment. Compassion is the first step towards fulfillment in life, and it starts with us.

Before you make any big steps, you have to believe you deserve it. If you don’t feel worthy of feeling calm, confident and joyful it won’t come to you. We are so hard on ourselves. We give compassion to a stranger that is struggling, before we can do the same for ourselves. It comes from within you. When you finally learn to love yourself, and believe you are worthy of more that’s when the magic happens.


  1. Write down all the things you love about yourself. You may want to start with a guided mediation on loving kindness. Afterwards start writing, don’t think about it just write.
  2. Ask you family and friends what they love about you.
  3. Validate yourself. You don’t have to be perfect, acknowledge your efforts.

Once you have self-compassion the rest can fall into place. Without it you won’t make yourself a priority. Start thriving instead of surviving. Putting yourself first creates a pattern of self-care, assertiveness and positive action taking. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary. What parts of your life need more attention? Personal development, fun and adventure, finances, career?

Take it one step a time, you can’t work on all of it all at once. Lead with your heart and follow your intuition. Listen to what your gut is telling you, don’t shut it down or ignore it. You only have one life. How do you want to live it? What do you want to do, tomorrow and in five years? When you feel you are worthy, when you are ready to make the necessary steps and changes fulfillment and joy will follow. It starts today, what will be your first step?