My Journey

What do I care about? / What is important to me?
I am driven by helping and supporting the people around me. I have found through the years that I am selfish in the fact that I get so much gratitude from helping those around me. Starting on my entrepreneurial journey has taught me how important it is to be kind to others. It all starts with taking care of myself first. When I am whole, I can be that guiding light for so many others. With business it is key for leadership. If the captain is drunk the boat will sink.

Where have I been?
I am born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. I started with sports playing everything under the sun, early morning practices, post school games and weekend championships. Got into the trades young and never looked back. I was always so influenced by leaders throughout my life. Got my apprenticeship because I offered my first boss to work on his farm before showcasing my drive and passion to “Get Shit Done”. It has always been my driving force.

Where am I today?
I feel like I am in a dream sometimes. Looking back at all the hard work it is just starting to come together for me. I currently lead an incredible team of people and we are working on making a lasting impact in our industry. Who thought plumbing and heating could be sexy? I have a lot of ambition to grow and be bigger than life but it has taken me a long time to feel capable of creating change. Through constant learning, growth and a passion for risk it has taken me places I couldn’t imagine.

Where am I going?

To the fucking moon baby! We are working on developing a team of leaders and building our people to their full potential. Our goal as a company is to always be creating new opportunities within our business. Growth is a large part of where we are headed. Being able to really do a deep dive into our processes has helped us understand the needs of our clients but also innovate from within.

Nuggets of Wisdom
Never limit the mind and what you think you are capable of. Think 5 years back and ask yourself if you could imagine your place today. The first time I did this exercise I realized I had never looked 5 years ahead before. Now think 5 years ahead, well you couldn’t imagine being here today, so start thinking bigger about 5 years forward.

Make sure you are always finding Unicorns. They will push you to be the best you.



“Fall Forward.” – Denzel Washington





At Guest, we provide reliable and affordable commercial and residential plumbing and HVAC services in Hamilton and the surrounding area. Whether you need a quick and simple fix or an extensive repair or installation, we have the experience and the expertise to make it happen.

Our 3 Unique Differences

We are the solution for our clients, We Thrive on educating our clients, and we always stand behind our products and service to ensure we are providing the best solution for each unique situation.

Our Ideal Client

A person that is looking for a solution to ensure they keep their plumbing and HVAC systems healthy and efficient. Servicing our community is what we do best.

Nuggets of Wisdom
We are nothing without our community. They allow us to grow and build an incredible team of people to service the community we are part of. It is a privilege to be able to service others, it is our greatest gift.

“ I got a guy ”… Our team loves being on the end of that call. The difference for most businesses is the experience you provide the client. Make sure you are able to create a lasting one.

“ There are no traffic jams when you go the extra mile.”


My Passion/Purpose/Cause

My passion is pushing possibility, pushing limits, and having some serious fun along the way. Through out my short entrepreneurial journey I have learned so much about what is possible and how our mind holds us back from so many beautiful opportunities. Changing the way my mind looks at challenges, hurdles and sometimes concrete walls is my passion.

My tagline is “Be The Solution”

I have had so many mentors in my life, and I am so grateful for each and every one of them. Most don’t know or accept what they have done for me and my journey. Moving through life at the beginning is to get comfortable, that’s what they tell you growing up. Get a good job, have something to fall back on. If you are an entrepreneur, it’s the opposite. I have found my purpose and I love being able to see others full potential and have the ability and awareness to push and support them through their journey in any way possible. Whether that’s creating opportunity within my companies or supporting them in theirs.

My why is so create change within my community and beyond. Giving back to our community hits all 3 Passion/purpose & cause. Everyone is so special; people are the best part of life and being able to help and care for others is what life is all about. Service.


Are you scared? I was too. Change is good. Think sports, every superstar has a multiple of coaches for each area of the game. Business is our sport and TEC Canada is one of our coaches and allows you to join an Allstar team of superstars. Group 720 has changed my life, each time the energy that is given and received is contagious. We are here to support each other, get creative, and trust me when I tell you, this is the group you talk about the big ideas too. Be ready to be vulnerable and grow not only in business but on such a deep personal level.


“Rocket fuel! When you first meet Dan, buckle in. Be grateful. Dan is the epitome of a visionary leader and entrepreneur. What makes Dan stand out as the very cream at the top of visionary leaders is not his vision, not his sense of community and giving, not his caring, not his no B.S. passion and drive. It is the way he balances these all so beautifully in the tapestry that he has created with purposeful execution, discipline, and accountability. Rocket fuel for the entrepreneurial soul!”