My Journey

My life’s journey began in a rural setting in the UK, eventually bringing me to Canada with my family. Born and raised on a farm, I had no exposure to the commercial world, but a passion for photography led me to enroll in Photography Studies at Ryerson University. I soon discovered this was not the right career path for me; however, I was drawn to the power and emotion of visual communication that I could use in other employment pursuits. My path was now defined!

I enjoy – and spent many years – working for others, but perhaps more importantly, I discovered my passion for working for myself. As an entrepreneur, I learn by doing – and by making mistakes. To be honest, I didn’t always learn from them! But, I never stop trying…

My passion for visual communication combined with a well-rounded insight into how to design for effectiveness and appeal led to my first business – in interior design. The transition into Wayfinding enabled me to continue this passion in a new market space and helped cement the solid foundation and creative path I use today when approaching design in any project. These paths eventually led to today, as a business owner of Aroh Inc.

What’s most important to me?

Always: Family First!

From the time my daughters were just nine and four years of age and embraced their love of soccer, I’ve been fully committed to their passion, working career around family to provide every opportunity for their success and be able to share their journey with them. This journey ended up lasting twenty years, with full sports scholarships and educational degrees to solidify their future careers! I wouldn’t change a minute of those two decades that brought so much passion, commitment and family cohesiveness into our lives.

About twelve years ago, my brother reached out to me to spearhead the sales and marketing activities in the Wayfinding company for whom he worked in a production role (BigMedia). Embracing the dual role with my usual passion for personal and professional growth, I came to realize that this market was ripe for change – and that I had the vision to realize its potential. Hence, along with my brother, Aroh Inc was borne, and we’ve been progressively and incrementally bringing about that potential since the very first day!



“Opportunity is nowhere. Opportunity is now here.” – Unknown





Founding this family-owned company was the culmination of my desire to build an organization in an environment based on people and values. This is my passion!

Beyond Aroh’s solid foundation of knowledge, creativity and experience, our team is energetic, dedicated, and motivated. Our success is achieved and measured by adhering to our Core Values that capture the essence of the company. Our core focus? Leading the way, inspired by design!

Where am I today?… read on


My Passion/Purpose/Cause

My vision remains very clear – and TEC has helped me immeasurably with growth and confidence to realize my vision! The one-on-one monthly meetings with Joe reinforce my drive forward with purpose, guided by a social and moral compass. I need a clear vision and direction; I get lost if there isn’t a clear purpose. The purpose? To be creative and forward thinking, dedicated and caring, and to help others be the best they can be by seeing the good in everything. We focus on team growth, bringing out every individual’s strengths and validating their skills and abilities.

As a business owner and leader, individual growth needs to be at the top of the agenda. The result? Increased confidence, willingness to take on the unknown, help others and have fun! Which means, tasks get done faster, better and with renewed passion for the individual and for others as well! As Richard Branson once said, “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

If I had a motto, it would be “Driving Forward with Purpose.” Be honest, reliable, beyond expectations, without expectations – which applies equally to the business and to our people. Do we fail occasionally? Of course, but failure is part of learning and growth, so we dare to fail to succeed!


My number one message to help others? Invest in yourself! If you can’t/won’t do that, then you won’t grow and you will not have the knowledge, capacity and skills to help others grow and succeed. Changes exhibited in me filter down to others and give them the courage and belief to reach their potential. TEC is an ideal resource to invest in yourself and bring about the changes needed in your organization for continued growth and success!


As pure as the driven snow. There is a consistent purity with Mike. A purposefulness in all he does. Genuine care for his people, his relationships and those he touches. Mike leans into his core values where it counts. Always. He is meticulous in his passion for excellence in delivering quality work, and providing his people an opportunity to grow and do what they do best. A visionary who provides clarity of vision, and how it will be realized. His priority is growing better over growing faster. Inspirational!